Grow Bag (Non Woven) 7.5 litre

Grow Bag (Non Woven) 7.5 litre
An alternative way to grow water lilies and Lotus. This non woven bag allows the aquatic plant to bind without spreading. Easy access to nutrient from the water.

Size 2: 7.5 litres, 20cm diameter and 20cm height with 2 handles
[{"colour":"Black","code":"Fabric Grow Bag No.2","size":"20cm dia x 20cm H","price":3.8,"qty":100,"pid":3851390,"style":"No.2","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/Baskets/Grow_Bag.jpg","title":"Grow Bag (Non Woven) 7.5 litre"},{"colour":"Black","code":"Fabric Grow Bag No.7","size":"35cm dia x 28cm H","price":5.6,"qty":100,"pid":3851391,"style":"No 7","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/Baskets/Grow_Bag.jpg","title":"Grow Bag (Non Woven) 7.5 litre"}]
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