Automatic Solar Irrigation Drip system

Automatic Solar Irrigation Drip system
The automatic solar garden drip irrigation system is designed for home gardening use. It is suitable for the irrigation of home grown ornamental plants and vegetables. The system is powered by solar energy.
NZ$ 440.00 including GST
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  • Solar powered with no need for wiring work, environmental friendly and safe.
  • Automatic watering every day at a configurable time for a configurable duration.
  • Trickle irrigation nozzle, evenly distributed irrigation and the least amount of water consumption.
  • Ideal for watering plants in the plant bed, green house and on the balcony.

Quality product with CE,RoHS and REACH certification.

  • Solar panel: 4 Watts 
  • Working voltage: 12.24V
  • Type of solar cell: Polycrystalline silicon 
  • Solar panel size: 250*160*17mm 
  • Battery: 7.2V / 1500 mAh
  • Type of battery cell: NI-MH battery

Technical parameters

  • Max. pump pressure: 60PSI
  • Max. pump flow rate: 100LPH
  • Max. pump power: 2 L/hr
  • Drippers: 50 pcs 
  • Water hose main: Ф8*11mm, L=9m (2m+7m) 
  • Water hose branch: Ф4*6mm, L=48m

Use this link to the Information page: Automatic_Solar_Garden_Irrigation_System.pdf