PF2000 Low Voltage Pond Pump 2000 lph

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PF2000 Low Voltage Pond Pump 2000 lph
The Jebao PF-2000 pond pump is ideal for small ponds and water features.

Volume: 2000 litres per hour (lph)
Voltage: 24V
Wattage: 35w
Cable Length: 10m (240v & 12V)
Max. Height: 1.95m
Hose Size: 13mm, 15mm & 19mm (insideØ)
Electrical Current: AC
Max Temp: 35°C
Includes: Hose Fittings & Transformer (24v only)
Parts and Accessories available (not included)

Transformer Specifications (24v only)
Electrical Current: AC

IP Rating: IPX8

Suitable for fresh water only.
NZ$ 156.60
PF 2000LV
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