Bio Filter (Gravity feed) including UV Clarifying light

Bio Filter (Gravity feed) including UV Clarifying light
Extremely effective filter and UV Clarifier for a clear and healthy pond.
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UBF 6000
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Jebao UBF-6000 Gravity Pond Filter Complete with Media and Built In 9 Watt Ultra Violet Clarifier

The easiest way to keep your pond "balanced" is to install a filter and ultra violet clarifier.

Suitable for ponds up to 6000 litres

As a general guide, if your sun is in full sunlight (low fish stocks) then the unit is sufficient for a 3000 litre pond, and if your sun is also heavily stocked with fish, then the filter should be sufficient for a pond with up to 1500 litres. Please note this is our general guide only, each pond is unique.

The Jebao range of pond filters are complete with sponges, bio media balls and an inbuilt 9w UV tube. Compact unit for biological and mechanical pond filtration. This model is the same as the Bermuda 4500 bio box and great as a cheaper alternative.

How It Works
Pond water is pumped through the ultra violet lamp (UVC) section which kills green algae particles and then passes through foam layers which extract larger particles of debris and into the biological chamber. The bio balls provide a mass surface area upon which beneficial bacteria thrive to convert and dissolve organic debris and fish waste into harmless matter. The large foam surface area provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria growth for mechanical and biological filtration, converting over a period of time unsightly green and cloudy water into clean water which is passed back into the pond via gravity.

Easy To Clean And Maintain
A clear viewing window at the side of the filter box allows the user to see if the UV lamp is switched on and functioning.
Bayonet fitting of the UVC lamp allows quick cleaning and lamp change as required.
Integral drain for easy removal of waste

Filter Specifications:

  • For ponds up to maximum 6000 Litres (1320 Gal) - shaded pond, low fish stocks
  • For ponds up to a maximum 3000 litres pond in full sun, low fish stocks
  • For ponds up to maximum 1500 litres pond in full sun heavy fish stocks
  • Max flow rate 2250 LPH (495 Gal)
  • Recommended Pump - 3000 Litres per hour (660 Gal)
  • 20/25/32/40mm Stepped Hose Connection
  • UV Rating - 9w
  • Complete with media, UV lamp and hosetail
  • Cable length: 4.5 meters
  • Dimensions: 38cm length x 28cm width x 38.3cm Height
  • Outlet pipe 50mm

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