Aquatic Plant Food "Plus"

Aquatic Plant Food
Encourages strong and healthy growth in lilies and marginal plants, whilst also discouraging algae. Contains no synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and is totally harmless to fish, pets, wildlife, plants & children
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Product Description

Ecopond Aquatic Plant Food Plus contains a special blend of nutrients to enhance the growth of lilies and other aquatic plants, whilst also preventing algae and green water problems.  It promotes blooming.

Dosage: Initital dose: 50 ml per 1,000 litres (220 gallons) Maintenance dose: 20 mls per week through the growing season (or 10 mls weekly in small water features).

Key Points

  • Particularly good for small water features where plants can be starved of nutrients
  • Less messy than tablet fertilisers which need to be pushed into soil
  • Used by professional aquatic plant growers
  • UV pond units can enhance the effect of the product

For more information and the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Aquatic Plant Food Plus see the attached pdf.