Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Pellets

Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Pellets
These Aquatic spikes are designed to provide your aquatic plants with all the required micro-nutrients for growth and flowering over a full season. The slow release formula offers and easy and effective way to fertilise for a season (6 - 9 months). 20gm pellets

N.P.K 14-24-8
[{"colour":"","code":"7900","size":"3 pellets per pack","price":15.3,"pid":3868907,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/413820/Aquatic_Pellets.JPG","title":"Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Pellets"},{"colour":"","code":"7900A","size":"6 pellets per pack","price":26.3,"pid":3416280,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/Aquatic_tablets/Aquatic_spikes_front_label.jpg","title":"Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Pellets"}]
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