Deco/Water Feature pond/sump lid

Deco/Water Feature pond/sump lid
Heavy Duty Fibre glass lid - Fits BPE 110 (110cm diametre)

Max. weight 150kg with out support
Max. weight 500lg with support (see SB 30 Support)

Weight only applicable if pond is in-ground
NZ$ 498.00 including GST
SB 110 HD
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Made in Germany.
Heavy Duty Fibreglass reinforced polyester to provide maximum load for large & heavy water features.

Maximum load up to 450 kg. Additional support for the 110cm (BPE110 pond) increases the load to 500kg

APE66 HD Maximum Weight 450kg, Diameter 67cm
APE90 HD Maximum Weight 450kg, Diameter 86cm

SB110 HD
Maximum Weight 150kg (No Support), Diameter 110cm
Maximum Weight 500kg (SB30 added), Diameter 110cm

SB30 - Weight support
Central support for SB110 lid to increase max. weight