Water Gardening Supplies

  • Aquatic Baskets
    Specially produced for growth of Aquatic plants to provide root access to nutrients available in ponds and water ways.
  • Deco Ponds & Water Feature pond/sump with lids
    Heavy Duty - glass fibre reinforced polyester
  • Filter Sponges
    Variety of filter sponge for replacements or creating your own box filtration systems
  • Fish & Pond Nets
    A variety of fish nets for ponds and small water features.
  • Pond Cover Net
    Great for predator and pest control
  • Pond Hosing
    Spiral Rubber & Plastic Hosing. Easy to cut to size Black material that makes for easy concealment It is tough, flexible and extremely durable under normal operating conditions. Widely used for horticultural, industrial, and domestic use. It is perfect for use with fish pond filters and pipework, ducting and irrigation systems, suction and delivery systems, or even as an indoor or outdoor conduit/ cable protector.
  • Submersible LED lighting
    Add a new dynamic to you pond with submersible lights. Accentuate your pond features for evening and night-time enjoyment.
  • Glass Thermometer
    Glass Thermometer for accurate water temperatures.
    NZ$ 4.00
  • Mist Maker or Fogger
    Ideal for indoor or outdoor to add a stunning mist effect
    Perfect for use it in your fountain, water feature, pond, rockery or birdbath
    Easy to operate, put in the water the the mist appears.
    No heat or chemicals used.
    24 Volt, 28.8W. Working depth 45 - 65mm. Ceramic disc size 16mm
    NZ$ 74.00