Bio pressure pond filter CPF-500
• Indicator for pollution
• High flow rate
• Optimum development of biological pond filter
• Easy and uncomplicated bio-pressure pond filter-system
• This system provides quickly and reliably for clear water
• Different filter materials (special filter foams)
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CPF 500
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Sunsun CPF-500 pond pressure filter including UVC Clarifier

Product name: CFP-500

Pond Size: up to 10000 litres with fish

Pond Size: up to 30000 litres without any fish

Throughput: max. 10000 L/h

Dimensions: length 38 cm, width/depth 38 cm, height 74 cm

UV-C clarifier: 18 Watt

Filter Sponges: 4x rough, 4x fine

Filter volume: maximum 38 litres

Cable length: 10 m

Connections: 20/32/40mm 3/4 Inch - 1 1/2 Inches

This filter is a pressure filter. This means it can be placed as you wish. It does not matter whether you place it above or below the surface of the water. These filters are also very popular because they can operate waterfalls, streams, fountains etc. with a height of up to 3 metres.

Thanks to the 18 Watt integrated UVC lamp, you have will have completely algae-free and clear water.

Due to the Bio-filter system, ammoniac and nitrates are filtered in the pond. The wave filter pump is made from high-quality rust-proof ceramic.

This filter is available in 2 sizes: CPF-380 / CPF500