UV Clarifier 9W

UV Clarifier 9W
The Super Pond 9w UVC's ultra violet clarifier form's a key element of a clear water pond or aquarium system.

The CUV-209 has three inlet / outlet's - very useful if you want to run the output to a two-fall waterfall, or indeed a waterfall and a filter. The unit comes complete with three stepped hosetails to fit a variety of hose sizes.

How does it work?
The UV light causes algae (green water) to clump together (flocculate) so that they can be sieved out of the water by the filter.

It also reduces harmful bacteria, as well as microscopic organisms that could be harmful to your fish.
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Clear Translucent Hosetail

The CUV-209 comes complete with a clear translucent hosetail with water spinning feature that visually shows that water is passing through the unit and is a very easy way of quickly seeing that your pump is operational.

Clear Viewports

Included with the CUV-209 is a built in end of case viewport as well as a glass viewport that you can utilise on any unused outlet.

These viewports give you a visually indication that your UV is either on or off at any time.

UV + Quartz

System includes free 9w UV bulb and high quality UV quartz with easily accessible o-rings for simple maintenance