Bio Filter (Gravity feed) Super Pond CBF-350C

Bio Filter (Gravity feed) Super Pond CBF-350C
The Super Pond CBF-350B Pond Filter System is a complete three stage box filtration system designed to run pond water through a variety of Filter Media and fine and coarse foams to keep your pond looking crystal clear. This system is suitable for pond with fish up to 45000 litres or ornamental pond (NO fish) up to 90000 litres.

Filter Operation

The filtration system uses a variety of filter media distributed between the three different compartments inside its filter bays, allowing you to filter high volumes of water. The first and second bay filter system has Blue Coarse Filter Foams and third bay filter system has Fine Filter Foams included.

Dimension : 1280 x 540 x 400 mm
Max flow-through(L/H): 12000
Inlet hose adapter : 3/4' (20mm) - 3/2' (38mm)
Outlet: 70 mm
Suitable for ponds with fish: 45 m3
suitable for decorative ponds : 90 m3

Preferred Clarifying UV light: Super Pond CUV-236
NZ$ 879.80
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