Filtration and UV Clarifiers


  • Bio, Submersible & Pressure Filters
    A diverse selection of Bio Filter boxes, Submersible filters and Pressure filters in all shapes and sizes for different sized ponds
  • UV Clarifiers
    This 7W UV sterilizer has a unique design which turbulates the water through a helix design so the water does not just run through the uv but spins inside allowing the UV more exposure before the water comes back out from the outlet. Enabling increased efficiency by a more even exposure of the water to the UV. The ultra violet clarifier continues to form a key element of a clear water system. Very useful if you want to run the output to a two-fall waterfall of a waterfall and a filter. It comes with 3 for small pipes and 3 for larger pipes, stepped hosetails, one of which is translucent so that you can see that the light is working, the light also has an end port so you can see that the UV light working. NOTE:"Always check that the UV quartz has not broken and all O-rings are present and positioned correctly before installation."