Beautifully Im-perfect & Clearance

Beautifully "im" perfect

Beautifully "Im"perfect is a range of end of line, one-off, clearance, products from a range of wholesalers.  Some products are brand new, some are out of the box, some are just not "perfect" for sale.

It's up to you as the buyer to accept the condition these products are in.  We are not hiding their imperfections just offering brillant products at a reasonable price for the condition they are in.

12 month warranties are applicable for all the electrical and solar goods  

Please choose wisely as we regret we cannot provide refunds or returns for any of these products.  

  • Fish Science Fish Food - past Best
    Stock available is near to or past the printed expiry or Best Before. The Truth about Fish Food Expiry & Best Before dates for Fish Science Products: see the "Information" tab on each product for more details
  • Fountain Kits
    A range of fountain kits for specific products. Unboxed or not suitable for retail sale.
  • Water feature Pumps
    All Clearance products have a 12 month warranty. These products are provided as Clearance as they are unable to be sold as at a full retail price due to damaged box, no box or fading. Products sold under Clearance are "Brand New"