Submersible Filters

Do you have a cloudy pond, suspended algae or other particles that have turned the water green?

A simple option is to add an in-line UVC clarifier in the water circuit of the pond, ideally upstream from your filter or add a Filtration system with a UVC light.

The ultra-violet clarifying light inside the system kills off the suspended algae, and bacteria and germs are eliminated. 

A filtration system with a UVC light added (or included) will filter the dead algae and debris through a sponge system before returning the water to the pond.

Access to power is required.

  • Submersible Pond Filter SPF10
    Small pond Submersible Filter
    Dimensions (mm): 312x211x264
    Volume (Litre): 10
    Plastic filter bucket, Filter lid, bottom foam filter, 2x foam filters, 2x Mesh bags for bio balls (bio balls supplied)
    Structured to hold the fountain pump inside

    Great filtration option of Solar pumps & mains voltage pumps up to 2000 litres per hour
    Code: SPF10
    NZ$ 90.00