Pressure Filters

Do you have a cloudy pond, suspended algae or other particles that have turned the water green?

A simple option is to add an in-line UVC clarifier in the water circuit of the pond, ideally upstream from your filter or add a Filtration system with a UVC light.

The ultra-violet clarifying light inside the system kills off the suspended algae, and bacteria and germs are eliminated. 

A filtration system with a UVC light added (or included) will filter the dead algae and debris through a sponge system before returning the water to the pond.

Access to power is required.

  • Jebao Pressure Filters
    Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration with powerful 18w UV clarification to give you a clear and healthy pond. Easy view indicators show when the UV light is working and when it is time to clean the filter. The clear hose tail on the exit of the filter allows you to easily and safely monitor that the UV lamp is operating. Inlet/Outlet: 20/25/32/40. Max Pond Size 10000 Litres. Large foam surface provides increased filtration with bio-balls giving beneficial bacteria to your pond health.