Pond Treatments

  • Aquatic Plant Food
    Name: Aquatic Plant Food "Plus"
    Description: Encourages strong and healthy growth in lilies and marginal plants, whilst also discouraging algae. Contains no synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and is totally harmless to fish, pets, wildlife, plants & children
    Code: 7550
    NZ$ 34.00
  • Bio-Barley Algae Control
    Name: Bio-Barley Algae Control
    Description: Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control contains micro-organisms specifically selected for their ability to control algae by starving it of nutrients and changing the water chemistry to inhibit its growth. It can be used to treat blanket weed and green water. We recommend removing as much filamentous algae (blanket weed) as possible before dosing.
    Code: 7601
  • Extract of Barley Straw
    Name: Extract of Barley Straw
    Description: Ecopond liquid barley straw extract is a completely natural solution to the problems of algae, blanket weed and green water. Ecopond Extract of Barley Straw helps keep your pond clean and clear.
    Code: 7501
  • Chlorine Guard
    Name: Chlorine Guard
    Description: Suitable for all types of pond. Removes chlorine, chloramines & heavy metals when topping up ponds with chlorinated water.
    Code: 7540
    NZ$ 27.00
  • Cloudy Water Treatment
    Name: Cloudy Water Treatment
    Description: Ecopond Cloudy Water Treatment contains plant extracts which cause algae and fine suspended solids to fall to the bottom of the pond, leaving water clean and clear. It aids filtration and makes water safer for fish. (Suspended solids in pond water can cause damage to the gills of fish.)
    Code: 7520
    NZ$ 27.00
  • Duckweed Control
    Name: Duckweed Control
    Description: Duckweed Control contains a specialist bacterial culture which removes nutrients key to the growth of the most common species of duckweed (lemna minor) so that once the majority of the existing weed has been removed its return is inhibited . Duckweed Control will not harm fish,wildlife or other plant life in the pond.
    Code: 7510A
    NZ$ 91.00
  • Fast Start for Filters
    Name: Fast Start for Filters
    Description: Provides rapid filter start up, treats harmful fish waste and ensures pond water is of a high quality for fish and wildlife.
    Code: 7590
    NZ$ 27.00
  • Foam Free
    Name: Foam Free
    Description: A natural solution for the control of unsightly foam in ponds and features.
    Code: 7580
    NZ$ 27.00
  • Mud Muncher
    Name: Mud Muncher
    Description: Mud Muncher contains selected micro-organisms that digest organic matter such as fish waste, fallen leaves and decaying plant matter, which otherwise causes a build up of sludge. This sludge reduces water clarity and quality and leads to nutrient build up which encourages algae and duckweed growth.
    Code: 7530
  • Pond Nitrifying Nuggets
    Name: Pond Nitrifying Nuggets
    Description: Nitrifying Nuggets for Ponds are formulated with both Nitrosomonas andNitrobacter bacteria. The levels of these beneficial bacteria will have been depleted over the winter so using a booster product in the spring will help to keep the pond healthy with the onset of feeding and greater fish activity.
    Code: 7570
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Water Feature Clear
    Name: Water Feature Clear
    Description: Water Feature Clear is an eco-friendly approach to the problem of green water, algae, blanket weed and slime in fountains, barrel features and small ponds. Regular use through the summer will help to maintain good water clarity, eliminate stagnant odours and reduce the need for cleaning.
    Code: 7560